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                Company R & D team

                After years of accumulation, the company cultivated and gathered a group of highly loyalty and stability of the industry technical experts, set up to enjoy a special allowance of the State Council experts, senior engineers, PhD, master as the main body, high level of technology, research and development Experienced product development and technical support team, professional and technical research and development personnel more than 60 people, including Dr. 2, 4 master's degree, and hired the Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor Lei Qingquan senior technical adviser several. In recent years, the company through the implementation of a good incentive mechanism to attract a large number of outstanding talent to join, for new product development, process technology management, product marketing, business management and other aspects of sustainable development laid the foundation.

                In the technical personnel training, the company for technical staff to provide three-year training mechanism, and provide special subsidies. The company has a unique industry and colleges and universities to jointly develop graduate student mechanism for the internal staff to provide a good condition for further study, while the enterprise is Suzhou University, Xi'an Jiaotong University undergraduate materials materials practice base for enterprises to prepare the reserve technology laid a good basis.

                The company will be based on the overall strategic positioning and business development goals, and constantly expand the talent pool, optimize the staff structure, strengthen the introduction and training of R & D personnel, and the establishment of the company's technical status commensurate with industry-leading talent echelon. In the staff team expansion and improvement at the same time, people-oriented, strengthen and improve the incentive mechanism, organize an effective working environment, to ensure the stability of R & D team.

                Company R & D investment

                As early as 2005, the company invested RMB 25 million to build the industry's leading R & D building. The company has a number of advanced instruments and test equipment at home and abroad, providing strong guarantee for R & D testing of technology center. In the insulating material detection means and detection capabilities with international standards such as IEEE, IEC, UL and other convergence.

                The company is a high-tech enterprises, in 2009 by the Ministry of Science and Technology identified as the Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, has formed a relatively complete product development, testing and trial production conditions. The company has Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Commission identified the enterprise technology center and the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department finds that the only insulation materials in Jiangsu Province Engineering Technology Research Center, with state-level post-doctoral research station. The company has always attached importance to new products, new technology development and innovation.

                The company is a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee of Rotating Electric, National Electrical Insulation Materials and Insulation System Standardization Technical Committee, National Member of the Standardization Technical Committee for Insulating Materials. In recent years, the company has participated in the drafting of 18 national and industry standards, including the drafting of the first draft Units directly involved in the GB / T5019.7-2009 "mica-based insulation materials Part 7: vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) with glass cloth and film reinforced epoxy adhesive mica tape" and other standards. The company attaches great importance to the cooperation of production and research, has been with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Suzhou University, Guilin University of Technology, such as the establishment of a good relationship of cooperation, Xi'an Jiaotong University undergraduate internship base, Suzhou University School of Materials Engineering teaching practice base, For the research and development of new products, professional training to provide a high quality and efficient platform. In recent years with a variety of scientific research institutions, key cooperation projects, including Xi'an Jiaotong University and Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd. cooperation "high-voltage motor single wire rod VPI insulation system development" and so on. The company also attaches importance to customers and foreign industry-class enterprise exchanges and cooperation, absorbing advanced technology, grasp the industry's leading research trends, to provide customers with better products and services.

                Company research and development results

                In recent years, the company has been relying on innovative technology platform to continuously increase R & D investment, scientific research work significantly, in recent years the company assumed the national Torch Program project "high permeability epoxy less powder mica tape" (project number 2008GH030360) and " (Item number H2006308) and "water-soluble insulating impregnated paint" (item number H2007284) two provincial issues research and development. At present, the company and its subsidiaries have obtained 4 invention patents, 28 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent, 8 invention patent applications have been accepted, 15 products won the title of high-tech products. Special insulation system research and development results, a number of high-voltage insulation system research and development results have been in many downstream well-known motor manufacturers to use high permeability less plastic epoxy mica tape and epoxy resin VPI impregnated resin consisting mainly of high-voltage motor insulation system, Can be large and medium-sized high-voltage motors and wind power, nuclear power motor electrical insulation to provide a strong guarantee. "Insulation structure used on high-voltage motors" (patent number ZL200520077062.9) for the industry's earlier patented insulation system research and development results. The company million kilowatts efficient generator insulation system by the State Ministry of Finance identified as the 2012 scientific and technological achievements into the project.

                Product research and development has been located in the high-end market to replace and surpass foreign similar products as the goal, the current representative of the R & D results are as follows:
                1. High permeability less plastic epoxy mica tape, can replace the monopoly of large domestic generators of the main insulation imports less plastic epoxy mica tape; the company's products have been recognized by customers, has begun to import similar products imported, the company There has been proposed a patent application for "a method for producing a high permeability and less mica tape".
                2. High purity epoxy acid anhydride VPI impregnated resin, replacing large-scale generators, including large-scale motor insulation impregnated similar imported products; made a number of patents, the product of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department identified as high-tech products.
                3. Polyester modified epoxy acid anhydride low viscosity VPI impregnated resin, can replace the nuclear power, wind power for the field of similar imported products.
                4. Amine-epoxy solvent-free impregnated resin for C-class (200 ℃) insulation system for high-power traction motor, urban rail transit, maglev train, aerospace technology and wind energy nuclear energy and other new energy motor; related products JF-9960 Class C VPI solvent-free resin in August 2010 by the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as high-tech products.
                5. NMN composites that can operate at 200 ° C can be used in a wide range of aerospace, nuclear technology, automotive and heating systems. Related products in November 2009 by the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as high-tech products, and in September 2009 was awarded the Wujiang City Science and Technology Progress Award.

                The company mainly research and development direction

                Adapt to the development trend of industry technology, downstream industry trends to adapt to increase the emphasis on research and development and investment efforts to strengthen the insulation system and electrical insulation materials based on scientific research, innovative application technology development and system solutions for research and development, improve the company The core technology system, mainly:
                Research on VPI Insulation and Insulation System for High Voltage Power Plant
                2. Research on high temperature resistant insulating material and insulation system
                3. Research on insulation materials and insulation systems for nuclear power and wind power
                4. Research and development of special insulation materials for frequency conversion motors
                Study on High Thermal Insulation Insulation Material
                6. Non-pollution, environmental protection, energy-saving insulation materials research and development
                Preparation and Application of UV - curable Solvent - free Paint
                8. Aerospace special insulation materials

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